Hello West Harbour!  (May 2020)

I am pleased to inform you that barring any unforeseen problems, we anticipate opening the pool at Noon on Sunday May 24 in accordance with the governor’s Phase 3 schedule. The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDOH) and the Hamilton County Health Department (HCHD) have set Covid-19 Response Recommendations for Pools and Aquatic Facilities that our pool management company, Pyle’s Pools, must follow to open the pool and keep it open until the ISDOH and HCHD restrictions are phased out.

Pyle’s Pools assured us today that they can supply lifeguards for the season. Lifeguards are key to safely opening the pool as our restrooms must be open and frequently cleaned under the guidelines.

There are other temporary changes that will be implemented both in the way that Pyles will operate the pool and in the way residents will use the pool. These changes will remain in place only until the requirements are lifted and we can operate normally.

Briefly, the changes you need to be aware of are:

Reduced Pool Hours – ‪Noon to 9 PM on non-school days, ‪3-9 PM on school days

Prohibited Entry - Any person with a cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness should not enter the pool area.

50% Load Reduction – The operating recommendations indicate that that the maximum number of persons at our pool at 50% will be 84 persons, which includes a maximum of 14 in the toddler pool area. Pyles will have this number posted and visible at the pool with recommended Covid-19 information per health department regulations.

Residents should not bring guests to the pool - This will help to lower the bather load, lower the number of people at the pool, and will allow all residents priority over the guests of residents should the maximum load be approached.

Disinfecting Frequently Touched Surfaces -
The main concern in spreading the Covid-19 virus is surface touching, not the water itself. Pyles adheres to the ISDOH Swimming Pool Code for water chemistry which is cited as the standard. Pyles is obtaining product sourcing for EPA approved cleaners that the lifeguards will be using each hour during adult swim time. Checklists will be placed in the restrooms or some other visible place to show cleaning/sanitization records.

Social Distancing and Face Coverings - This applies to our pool under the guidelines. Guards will not be wearing masks while in the lifeguard chairs, but will wear them when they leave the stand.  They will have masks and gloves on anytime they are not in the lifeguard stand and will dispose of them each time they re-enter the lifeguard stand.  Swimmers may not have masks on in the water, but it is recommended they wear them if they are not actively swimming. Lifeguards will not be responsible for enforcing the wearing of face masks or social distancing, but please respect and protect others by wearing your mask while maintaining a safe social distance of at least 6 feet.

Residents should expect to bring their own chairs - All deck furniture will be stacked in an area of the pool and may not be used. The reason for this is to eliminate the need to frequently clean furniture by the lifeguard. By bringing your own chair you will also be able to better socially distance from others.

No floats, rafts, or pool toys of any kind will be permitted.

As in the past, admittance to the pool is by keycard. If your card is misplaced or if you are a new homeowner, you should contact Ardsley Property Management at (317) 253-1401 to get a new one.

Everyone’s patience, understanding, and anticipated cooperation is appreciated as we work through these changes, and we trust that everyone using the pool will remain mindful of them until we can return to normal operation.

Thanks, and best wishes for a fantastic summer!

Greg Powell.    (Posted  05-14-2020)

Annual Meeting 6:30 PM Monday May 4, 2020 @ Hinkle Creek Elementary School East Cafeteria.

(Posted 03-11-2020) 

Hello West Harbour,

I want to provide you with updates regarding our upcoming Annual Meeting, Garage Sale, and Pool Opening.

In accordance with Local, State, and Federal guidance regarding Covid-19, the WHPOA Annual Meeting set for May 4 at Hinkle Creek Elementary must necessarily be postponed to a later “to be determined” date. Once it is safe to do so, we will reschedule the meeting.

Regarding the neighborhood garage sale set for May 7-9, WHPOA will not be erecting signage and does not expect to promote the spring neighborhood sale. Should you choose to conduct a garage sale, please remember to observe social distancing guidelines, consider wearing gloves and a mask, and have appropriate cleaning solutions readily available.

Our pool opening date, originally set for May 23, will also be indefinitely postponed. As of this date, I have checked and have been advised that no guidance or social distancing recommendations regarding public or community pools have been issued by either our local or state government. I have been assured that such guidance is anticipated and will be forthcoming, but warned that the guidance could be a complete ban on usage. The eventual guidance we receive will depend upon the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and that will determine the operational and/or social distancing guidelines that are eventually issued that could possibly allow our pool to open. Once pool usage guidelines are issued, it still may not prove to be possible for us to open, if they are restrictive enough. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, our pool management company, Pyles Pools, has been making the pool ready for the upcoming 2020 season. If our community can safely use the pool, we will be ready to go.


I wish everyone well, and I will update you again on Nextdoor West Harbour, Facebook, and at when additional information is available.  


Greg Powell  


(Posted 04/13/2020)

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