Improvements -

Fences, Sheds, Playground Equipment

WHPOA Guidelines for Fences, Sheds, Pergolas, Play Equipment

All requests for property improvements or additions must be submitted to the Architectural Building Standards Committee before starting your project. The form is available for download on the Architectural Forms page.

Fences - Construction using wood components is preferred, and fences may not exceed 6 feet in height. Plastic fencing is not permitted.

Sheds - One shed per lot is permitted.

  • Sheds should measure no larger than 10 feet by 12 feet and should be no taller than 10 feet to the roof peak  from the interior shed floor.

  • Sheds must be constructed primarily of wood components, used sheds or outbuildings are not permitted. Sheds made of metal, plastic, or those consisting primarily of a composite material are not permitted.

  • All Sheds must first be approved by the Architectural Building Committee for construction materials, paint color, and lot location.


Play Equipment/ Swingsets/ Treehouses or Similar Items

  • All such equipment shall be new and shall consist primarily of wood materials. Used playsets or other used equipment is not permitted. Playsets, swingsets, treehouses, or any similar equipment constructed of metal, plastic, or consisting primarily of composite materials is not permitted.

  • All Play Equipment/ Swingsets/ Treehouses/ similar items or equipment must first be approved by the Architectural Building Standards Committee for construction materials, paint color (if applicable) , and the lot location of the proposed Play Equipment/ Swingsets/ Treehouse or similar item.


Pergolas - Should be constructed using wood materials.

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